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Jill Lendu Johnson

J.Johnson Law Group L.L.C.

Our focus: Estate Plans, Probate, Probate Litigation.

Emphasizing  financial analysis of legal issues.

Wills, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Prenups, Cohabitation Agreements.   


Phone Consultations / Weekend & Evening Appointments

Flexible payments.

Our Team.

 Careful financial analysis is the key to winning many cases. Our firm specializes in analyzing money issues & aggressively pursuing the best possible result for each client.  

Access the right amount of legal help
when you need it.

Phone Consultations available: 608.338.8308.

Image by Matthew Henry



  • State of Bar of Wisconsin

  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin


I hold degrees from the University of Wisconsin in economics, business and law. After receiving my MBA, I worked as an executive in financial services and volunteered in health care facilities.

Later, I was elected to the Madison Common Council.  During law school, I helped staff several law clinics and graduated with High Honors for Pro Bono service. 


Because all Wisconsinites should have access to legal help, I continue to provide many hours of volunteer ("Pro Bono") service each year and created and taught a self-help law class at Madison College. For the past five years, I have been recognized by the American Bar Association as a Pro Bono Leader. In 2022, my Pro Bono work was also recognized by the Dane County Bar. In the end though, my most important roles are as a wife and mother of four.

What does this mean for you?

I bring a breadth of experience, a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit to each case. My goal: Provide you with personal care, explain issues clearly and help you resolve your legal problem - or better yet, help you avoid legal problems completely.  


It was a tremendous thrill to sign the Attorney’s Roll Book when I was sworn in. Every new lawyer has signed this book dating to when Wisconsin was just a territory.



My law practice has evolved to focus on legal problems that require financial analysis. My team includes an Accountant and we are personally committed to solving legal problems economically. Sometimes, a brief phone conversation is all you need to move forward and solve a problem yourself. If you don't need an attorney, I will tell you so. If you do, I will suggest ways to save money.


I have helped hundreds of Wisconsinites with guardianship, estate planning, unemployment and probate issues.

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