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  • Attorney Jill Johnson

Wisconsin Unemployment Claims - Climbing the Mountain

The Wisconsin Unemployment system began with the noble thought that unemployed folks should get a lifeline to their next job. Sadly now, it can feel a little like fighting an insurance company. Too frequently, the claimant has to navigate a confusing system in order to get legitimate benefits.

As other attorneys have commented, the system seems designed to confuse and many claimants just give up. The online "portal," where a claimant can track progress, has a disclaimer that says that, by the way, you can't rely on the information here.

Most people fight the fight without benefit of an attorney for obvious reasons. They are already out of work! And now another bill? At the same time, many attorneys are reluctant to take these cases because they are restricted by law as to what they can charge.

If the amount of your claim is significant OR if you are being told to REPAY benefits or worse, you are charged with fraud ("concealment") it is advisable to get an attorney's opinion. More information is a good thing. Concealment cases cases can sometimes be overturned. At a minimum, winning on the concealment charge whittles down the repayment amount because it removes additional penalties.

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